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Our Core Values

At Strong Valley we adhere to core values that we believe are vital to the success of clients, and by extension the success of our firm. Every member of the Strong Valley community including our team members, professional partners, and affiliates share these same values and commitments.
We believe that when you genuinely care about people your motivation goes beyond just looking out for their best interests, it means ensuring that clients realize the tangible financial benefits of our being there for them every step of the way.
  • We believe that client relationships and loyalty are built over time – not transactions.
  • We believe that profits should only come over time and that our profitability should be structured and aligned with our client’s success.
  • We believe that everything that matters to a client matters to us, and we are never “off the clock” when it comes to making our client’s lives better.
  • We believe in taking a long-term view of our client’s success, and that means ensuring that we are around to help clients through the entire journey.

Why should you consider joining the Strong Valley community?

You’re successful and smart, the last thing you need is another financial advisor trying to sell you on another product, or cookie-cutter solution that puts their corporate shareholders above your best interests. What you need is someone who can take all the moving parts, not just to make sense of it all – but to take it off your plate so you can focus on doing you.
Our core values shape how we do business and the value we provide to our clients. We believe it is our personal and corporate commitment to these values that sets us apart from a service all too often perceived as a commodity. Below are some of the reasons we believe that Strong Valley provides peace of mind, and makes a difference in the lives of our clients:
  • We believe in a relationship-first approach
  • We believe independent professional (not institutional) advice is critical for our clients
  • We believe in providing long-range clarity and vision
  • We believe that community-driven values provide more strength and safety for our clients

The Importance of Independent (not Institutional) Advice

We started Strong Valley because we believe that independent professional advice, not institutional advice, is the best way to help our clients. In our experience, institutional advice is often limited because institutions have a dual responsibility to both clients as well as protecting corporate shareholders.
We believe that this dual focus of institutions creates potential conflicts of interest when sticking to corporate policies designed to protect shareholders is placed as a higher priority, and as more important than providing the custom-tailored and independent advice that may be better for the client.
As a registered investment advisor (RIA) we can focus on providing the best possible service, advice, and outcomes for our clients. We are only bound by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) – not corporate policies and bureaucracies that limit the advice we can give to our clients.

Nobody can control the market, let alone tomorrow. But at Strong Valley you know that you have someone in your corner looking out for your financial goals.

Our highest goal is working with clients in a way that goes beyond the mechanics of financial management and investing heavily in our care and concern for the entirety of our client’s lives. It’s not just quality in terms of outcomes, but the quality of the journey in achieving their goals. It’s not just growing assets and capital; it’s growing in the ability to make a difference in the lives of others.
We believe that making the right near-term decisions comes from having clarity about long-term goals. A goal is simply a wish until it is broken down into clear actionable steps that provide a level of accountability for both the advisor and the client. Either you do the things it takes, or you don’t. One of the ways we help clients is assessing their situation and articulate a realistic goal that’s achievable – then working side-by-side with our clients in taking the steps to achieve their goals. Our clients not only value the knowledge and experience but having someone to help with accountability – and knowing that we are on their side, and that we are equally accountable to helping them achieve their goals.
Our genuine concern for our clients goes beyond just using our knowledge and service to ensure that clients have a positive outcome with their finances. We want our clients to be prepared for life, and whatever challenges or opportunities may come their way – and feeling confident that they are part of a team that’s in their corner every step of the way.

Community and Values-Driven

The Strong Valley name represents our belief that our strength comes from a sense of community and connection. Physical valleys provide a clear boundary, making a distinction between those that are in the valley, and those that are not. Valley borders provide a sense of exclusivity, but also protection, without limiting those who decide to become a part of the valley community.
Strong Valley is more than a physical valley, it is a mindset and a community of individuals and professionals that are connected by shared values and beliefs about how business should be done. When you join Strong Valley, you become a part of a community that is exclusive, but welcoming, and most of all united by shared values.

A Community of Clients

Our community of clients believe in simplicity, transparency, and mutual accountability in working to achieve their goals. Strong Valley clients place trust and relationship as a priority when it comes to who they will do business with and recognize that both trust and relationship are built over time – not over individual transactions.

A Community of Professionals

Strong Valley also represents a team of professionals and strategic partners that we feel share our beliefs in how to conduct business. These professionals and strategic partners aid us in utilizing our knowledge and service in assisting people in striving to achieve the most favorable outcomes with their finances, possible. The optimization of the client experience is the foundation of every decision and service we provide and is the cornerstone by which we measure our success.

A Community of Caring

We also believe in giving back to the communities we are a part of, whether those are the physical communities we live in, or the communities of a shared cause. At Strong Valley we give back to our local community by sponsoring events, charities, and organizations that share our values in building strength through community and caring.

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Strong Valley represents community and commitment. We are a community of professional advisors dedicated to the success of our clients, measured in both financial strength as well as the strength of our client relationships.
We believe that when you genuinely care about people your motivation goes beyond just looking out for their best interests, it means ensuring that clients realize the tangible financial benefits of our being there for them every step of the way.
When it comes to success, relationships, performance and trust work hand-in-hand. Trust is only developed over time and when clients experience great performance, combined with a genuine care that transcends assets, portfolios and their financial situation. As the relationship grows, so does the desire and commitment to making sure that our clients succeed in every area of their life. Our personal and professional success is built solely on our ability to help clients achieve their goals. We believe that when clients invite us to be a part of their success, it is not only an honor, it is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding on a deeply personal level.

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