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Private Wealth

Comprehensive Wealth and Asset Management

Strong Valley provides comprehensive wealth management services to our clients using straight-forward, transparent, and an all-inclusive fee-based approach. As part of a comprehensive wealth engagement Strong Valley can help you craft a clear long-term vision and solution for managing every aspect of your financial life, freeing you to focus on living life to the fullest today and free from worry about tomorrow.
  • Evaluate Your Investments and Investment Alternatives
  • Provide Asset Allocation and On-going Management
  • Clarify and Consolidate Financial Statements and Reporting
  • Protect Your Earnings, Savings and Wealth

Personalized Financial Planning

Strong Valley advisors can provide detailed personal financial planning that prioritizes spending, identifies opportunities for additional savings, evaluates various tax strategies, factors in the effects of inflation, and protects you from potential financial pitfalls. Some of the ways we help

Investment Tax Strategies

Strong Valley provides clients with information that helps to ensure their investment strategies are as tax efficient as possible. We will work to consolidate tax reporting forms and help optimize your retirement plan options.
  • Consolidate 1099 and K-1 tax reporting
  • Optimize 401(k), 403(b) or other retirement plan options
  • Provide capital gains and loss planning with annual gain/loss analysis
  • Explain Section 125 and Health-Savings Account (HSA) benefits
  • Understand the taxation of Social Security benefits

Estate and Trust Services

Strong Valley advisors and our network of professionals will work with you side-by-side to select strategies that both transfer and preserve your financial assets while minimizing tax liability.
  • Information on and support in the implementation of wills, trusts, or power-of-attorney options
  • Education and guidance on charitable giving alternatives
  • Review of ownership and beneficiary designations on all accounts

Retirement Planning

Retirement isn’t the end of a career; it is the starting point and the gateway to new opportunities. Every client’s retirements goals are different. Some want to travel the world, invest more time with hobbies, spend more time with their family, give back to their community or specific causes, or perhaps even start a second career. Whatever your retirement goals, Strong Valley is committed to helping you achieve them.
  • Evaluate pension plan structures, IRAs, Roth IRAs (or Roth IRA conversions)
  • Analyze pension distribution options for yourself or your spouse
  • Estimate corporate and/or Social Security retirement plan benefits
  • Calculate IRS requirements for minimum distributions (RMDs) and associated regulations

Saving for Education

Strong Valley can provide advice and assistance when it comes to saving for a loved-one’s education. We will research opportunities and help you understand various college financial aid programs. We will provide you with detailed information and strategies that are right for your specific situation.
  • Evaluate Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA) options
  • Understand and setup Educational IRA accounts
  • Open a qualified 529 savings plan

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