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July 2022
July 2022
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Planning Your Exercise & Your Financial Fitness

Most people don’t prepare to invest and that’s a big mistake. Using the analogy of getting physically fit, this article explores ways that you can prepare for financial uncertainty in much the same way you spend your energy to prepare your body for the stress of a fitness goal or staying active and healthy into your golden years. Preparation matters.
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The Fed Raises Rates, Should You Sell Bonds?

There are misconceptions and scary headlines swirling around about the impact that the federal funds rate has on short-term and longer-term rates, which is important to consider with bonds. Don’t let public perceptions drive your bond investing.
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June Student of the Market: Stock Sector Disparity Looms Large

Not all stocks within the S&P 500 are the same. See how stocks have performed by size, along with how added diversification from a fund helps reduce risk. Also stats on housing inflation, commodity cycles, and the relationship between bond returns and interest rates.
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Largest Inflation Increase Since December 1981

Your long-term retirement strategies must account for inflation, which decreases the purchasing power of your money in the future. There are ways that you can prepare for a decrease in the purchasing power of your dollar over time.
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Help Restore Your Confidence in Retirement

Some use the term "nest egg" when talking about a retirement plan. The metaphor of an egg reminds us of the fragility of planning for the future. An annuity might help retirement confidence with calculated distribution amounts.
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Strong Valley Newsletter: July 2022

POSITIVITY THROUGH PREPAREDNESS - Here's a quick preview of our upcoming topics:

  • JULY – Recent Events and the Effect on Your Plan
  • AUGUST - National Wellness Month
  • SEPTEMBER - Challenges for Business Managers

In this edition, we've also provided a review of the most popular articles and podcasts of the last quarter, just in case you missed them.

Featured Article: Planning Your Exercise & Your Financial Fitness

In Case You Missed It:

ON TRACK: What Should You Be Thinking About this Quarter?

  • What can I do to keep a positive attitude and see opportunities with the current market challenges?
  • Have I looked to my financial advisor as a coach in my financial fitness journey?
  • What tools are available to prepare for future care possibilities for my loved ones and even myself?
  • Do I need to make adjustments in how I handle my business practices?

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