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January 2023

Strong Valley Quarterly Updates

Strong Valley kicks off this quarter's theme of "Investment Resolutions for 2023" focusing on how to prepare for the coming year with confidence.

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October 2022

Strong Valley Quarterly Updates

Strong Valley kicks off this quarter's theme of "Investing That Matters." This next quarter we'll be focusing on your life goals and helping you consider the "big picture" of why investing matters to your life and those you love.

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July 2022

Strong Valley Quarterly Updates

Strong Valley kicks off this quarter's theme of "Positivity through Preparedness." We'll be focusing, this next quarter, on tools and steps that can give you confidence in the ways you've prepared for a challenging economy. Your financial plan can give you a positive outlook as you stay the course. These tools and steps are also just as important for the new investor as a way to start creating your financial plan on the right foot.

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April 2022

Strong Valley kicks off this quarter's theme of "Long-Term Focus in Uncertain Times."

We'll be focusing, for the next three months, on tools and steps that can help you stay the course with your financial plan in the context of international political tensions and worldwide inflation.

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October 2021

Strong Valley kicks off this quarter's theme of "Giving and Getting."

We'll be focusing, for the next three months, on tools and steps that can help you participate in gifting wisely, leaving a legacy for your loved ones or the organizations you appreciate, and preparing for the coming year with reality checks and reviews of last year's performance.

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July 2021

Strong Valley kicks off this quarter's theme of "Being Prepared."

For the next three months we'll be focusing on tools and steps that can help you prepare for near- and long-term risks, in your finances and in life.

Our feature article: “How COVID Might Forever Change Benefit Plans” is in response to questions that have been asked about how COVID is affecting the workplace. This article examines a few trends to watch so you can be prepared, whether you're hiring or considering an employment change.

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October 2020

Strong Valley kicks off this quarter looking at the current impact that all the #2020 events are having on the financial markets. Our feature article: "Risk in Times of Uncertainty" is in response to some people stating concerns about planning in the face of what feels like so much uncertainty and volatility. To help, Strong Valley is providing access to a tool that can help you determine your individual risk score. Knowing your risk number can help you have more peace of mind even in the face of market uncertainty.

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June 2020

Strong Valley is continuing to promote a positive message during the chaos of 2020 with our featured article, “Pioneers of Hope”.  We are also sharing an article discussing the “Misery Index” that tries to derive some economic understanding through unemployment and inflation data. Business owners may also be interested in discussing the topics covered in our article on creating a Business Will with their Strong Valley adviser.

Strong Valley is also launching a new Resources section of the website, along with some new content subscription options for those that want more variety and/or frequent notification of news and information beyond our quarterly updates.

We are so appreciative of the great feedback we continue to get from our clients. You can send your ideas and questions via our website contact form, or post them on our Facebook page, or schedule an appointment online. Thank you for being part of the Strong Valley experience!

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April 2020

Based on our January 2020 survey Strong Valley has switched from a monthly newsletter to quarterly updates.  This first quarterly update, like most of our lives, has been influenced and impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  In this update, we are offering a message of hope as we look forward to life after COVID-19. We have also provided some additional information and updates regarding the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act which also provides some comparison to the stimulus package from the 2008 financial crisis.  There is also a video ('The Coronavirus Contraction') that compares the financial impact of the coronavirus with a similar event in 1957-1958.

These are certainly challenging times but thank you as always to our clients. We are walking through this with you, and for you, and we believe that regardless of the challenge, we are better when we face them together. Thank you so much for being the best part of the Strong Valley experience!

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January 2020
  • The Secure Act affects just about everyone with a 401(k) - whether you are an employee with a 401(k) or a business owner you should understand how the new law impacts retirement and estate planning strategies.
  • We love client feedback, and based on recent conversations we have put together a quick two-minute survey - Thank You for helping us grow!
  • We are planning an optional second newsletter geared specifically to business owners.
  • Diversification and models matter, we have linked to a short video that provides some additional financial insight.
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